Indian Ocean blue

Hello, Indian Ocean!
Hello, Indian Ocean!

Two weeks into our Epic African Adventure, we left the beautiful mountains of the Western Cape and travelled along the Garden Route for a few days at the beach. The Garden Route is a popular coastal drive that runs along the Southern coast of South Africa that can be a long vacation on its own, especially if you take your time to stop and enjoy the character of each little town.

Monkey makes it to the Indian Ocean
Monkey makes it to the Indian Ocean

We did not do that.

We drove as fast as we could to make good time on our third long drive of the trip – a nearly 6 hour leg from Frasnschhoek to Plettenberg Bay. I’m not sure if it was our  rush or our familiarity with the Oregon coast and California’s Hwy 1, but this route didn’t impress us quite as much as we’d hoped it would, though it was beautiful.

The view of the Indian Ocean at Plettenberg Bay, though, is simply stunning, and the town was great. Lots of fun and kid-friendly restaurants, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous beaches, a cool book store, and nice shops.

Audrey (my little porpoise) got to spend two days doing little but playing in the water and sand. Scott (who can never have too much sun) was happy to suck up some vitamin D. I lathered myself in sunblock, whore a giant hat and tried not to let sunburns, jelly fish burns and sand-freaking-everywhere spoil my joy at swimming in the Indian Ocean. My pale skin was rewarded by an Irish tourist pegging me as “Black Irish” from across the room one night at dinner before striking up a conversation with us.

Where's the SPF 50?
Where’s the SPF 50?

I’ll admit, I’d gotten pretty spoiled by our previous hotels, lodge and villa(!), so our place in Plett was a little disappointing – smelled like mildew, had no a/c and looked cute but a bit shabby. However, they had a bunk bed to keep Audrey happy and a fridge to keep our wine cold, so wasn’t all bad.

My big hopes of going out on a boat tour to see dolphins and seals (but not to cage dive with the great whites, thank you very much) were dashed by high winds, but we found a secluded beach instead with shallow water and lots of shells and hermit crabs for Audrey to play with and try out her new waterproof camera.

Overall, it was hard to complain with the beautiful blue ocean and long white beaches staring back at us, endless amounts of seashells to collect, and good seafood.  A great three-day stop.

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