On to the Cape

Audrey woke this morning and said she was home sick and Kruger sick. “Home sick because I miss the kitties (back home), and Kruger sick, because I miss the animals.”

We never did get our rhino sighting, but otherwise left Kruger National Park with amazing memories, and hopefully decent photos, of lions, leopard, elephants, hippo, Cape buffalo, giraffe, zebra, hyena, warthog, and more. The last night we were just 10 feet away from an entire pride of lions (one male and six female), and yesterday morning got to see baby elephants play. It boggles the mind.

After another long day of travel yesterday (3 hour game drive in the morning, 6 hour drive to JoBurg, 2 hour flight to Cape Town, 30+ minute groggy drive in the dark to our hotel), we awoke in a cute guesthouse in Kalk Bay, just south of Cape Town.

Our room isn’t as roomy as we’d hoped (not sure the vestibule outside the bathroom really counts as a “separate seating area”) but it has an amazing view of the ocean. The hotel itself is quite charming – former sea captain’s home, I believe – and has great breakfasts, cheap wi-fi and a pool. So we’re happy.

Kalk Bay is a great little fishing village along the the bay side (rather than Atlantic side) of the cape which stretches south below Cape Town. After days of getting up and going early and staying up late, we’re taking a rest day today. We walked to the harbor to see the seals beg the fishermen for scraps and checked out the shops and galleries along the main road. Perhaps we’ll get up the energy to have dinner over the hill in Camps Bay to watch the sunset tonight. Or have fish next door and go to bed early. We’ll see.

I’m going to include a lion photo from the other night taken by someone else on our landrover because he had the better view and adjusted better for the darkness than I did. We were really really close.


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